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Squat-n-Go toilet stool foldable - for the right sitting position on the toilet

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Product no.: SQG002
GTIN/EAN: 8719128643816
Manufacturer: Squat-n-Go
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This Product was added to our catalogue on 18/05/2023.
43.90 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl.

Squat-n-Go folding toilet stool for the whole family!- The right sitting position for healthy digestion

The toilet stool ensures the correct position during defecation and optimises your digestion. It reduces straining, relieves constipation and reduces the risk of haemorrhoids. With non-slip legs and a stable foot surface, it provides firm support, stability and comfort. The universal shape fits any toilet and its compact design allows for easy storage.

Research has shown that we have been going about it the wrong way for years: Our big message is that people should be relieved when squatting! A squatting position is more natural and improves your bowel movements. And the Squat-N-Go will help you do that!

This foldable toilet stool ensures that you adopt the correct position when you sit on the toilet. This squatting position reduces clenching, relieves constipation and reduces the risk of haemorrhoids.

Try it yourself and experience the benefits of the Squat-N-Go toilet stool!

Discover the many benefits of the Squat-n-Go toilet stool:
  1. Correct sitting position: the toilet stool allows you to adopt the natural and healthy squatting position during bowel movements. This aligns the intestinal tract optimally, resulting in improved elimination.
  2. Reduced straining: By providing the correct sitting position, the toilet stool reduces straining during defecation. This can help reduce the strain on the bowel while reducing the risk of straining and possible complications such as haemorrhoids.
  3. Relief from constipation: The increased efficiency of elimination provided by the toilet stool can counteract constipation. Smoother bowel movements can facilitate emptying and improve overall well-being.
  4. Reducing the risk of haemorrhoids: By reducing pressure and effort during defecation, the toilet stool helps to minimise the risk of haemorrhoids.
  5. Safe and comfortable use: The toilet stool is equipped with non-slip legs and a stable foot surface to ensure a firm grip and comfort. You can rest assured that you will be in a safe and stable position during use.
  6. Universal fit: With its universal shape, the toilet stool is suitable for all types of toilets. Whether at home or when travelling, you can use the toilet stool without any problems and benefit from the advantages of the right sitting position.
  7. Compact design: The toilet stool is foldable and can be stored in a space-saving way. This makes it ideal for small bathrooms or when you are on the go. You can easily transport it and take it with you wherever you want to achieve a healthy sitting position.

Find out for yourself how the toilet stool can improve your digestion and enjoy the many benefits it offers. Try the Squat-N-Go toilet stool today!

You will receive:
1 x Squat-n-Go toilet stool foldable

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