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Revodent Set Double Pack Special Paste 4-Fold Effect for Oral Hygiene

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Product no.: 3399
GTIN/EAN: 9120116070024
Manufacturer: Mediashop
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This Product was added to our catalogue on 09/05/2023.
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Revodent special paste for teeth and interdental spaces gently removes up to 85% of bacteria in the interdental space with our patented tooth cleaning process. A special tray is used in combination with our cleaning paste to ensure comprehensive oral hygiene and thorough cleaning of all interdental spaces in one process. Our method prevents the formation of caries and is ideal for gum care. It also ensures fresh breath. The application is time-saving and uncomplicated, as the cleaning takes place through the movement of the mouth without having to use the hands.

With Revodent® you can maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime by thoroughly and innovatively removing harmful bacteria in all interdental spaces. Our method supports your toothbrush where it can't reach to keep your teeth healthy and clean all around. Revodent® is easy to use, requires no complicated technique and can be used anywhere without electricity. During use, both hands remain free, so there is no extra time spent on morning hygiene.

In a research project carried out in cooperation between the University Dental Clinic Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology, Revodent was described in an in vitro model as an innovative and effective method for the thorough removal of bacterial plaque in interdental spaces. Regular and thorough removal of bacteria promotes healthy oral flora for tooth preservation and prevents the formation of dangerous bacterial colonies. In addition, cleaning ensures that no bacterial toxins can enter the body via the mucous membrane.

Our gentle cleaning grains are embedded in the finest fibres, similar to thousands of small cleaning sponges, and thoroughly remove the bacterial plaque adhering there when flowing through the interdental space. The paste is simply mixed with water and rinsed through the interdental spaces by the movement of your own mouth without a pump or electronics to remove potentially harmful bacteria.

The special paste contains calcium carbonate, water, glycerine, silica cellulose, polylactic acid, perlite, flavouring, sodium fluoride, zinc lactate, sodium saccharin as well as eucalyptol and menthol. It contains sodium fluoride at a concentration of 1450 ppm.

Here are some of the product benefits of Revodent®:
Thoroughly removes up to 85% of bacteria in the interdental space
Patented tooth cleaning method with special tray and cleaning paste
Prevents the formation of caries and is ideal for gum care
Provides fresh breath
Time-saving and uncomplicated application without hands - cleaning is done by moving the mouth
Can be used anywhere without electricity
Supports the toothbrush where it cannot reach
Easy to use, no complicated technique required
Both hands remain free during use
No extra time needed for morning hygiene
Innovative and effective, as shown in an in vitro model
Gentle cleaning grains in ultra-fine fibres thoroughly remove bacterial plaque in interdental spaces
Promotes healthy oral flora and prevents the formation of dangerous bacterial colonies
Prevents bacterial toxins from entering the body
Contains sodium fluoride in a concentration of 1450 ppm
The special paste also contains eucalyptol and menthol to ensure fresh breath.

Ingredients (Cosmetics) Ingredients of the special pasta:
Calcium Carbonate, Aqua , Glycerin, Silica Cellulose, Polylactic Acid, Perlite, Aroma, Sodium Fluoride, Zinc Lactate, Sodium Saccharin.
Contains sodium fluoride 1450 ppm. Eucalyptol and menthol.
Capacity / Filling quantity 70 millilitres.

You will receive:
2x Revodent special paste 70ml incl. tooth tray red

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