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Swiss online Garantie

Shipping & Returns the swiss online store all items are shipped from Switzerland! With us you pay as a customer only the rates of the Swiss Post.

From 100 CHF order value the shipping is free! Valid only for Switzerland.

Tariffs Switzerland:
Parcels up to 2 Kg B-Post - 7.50 CHF
Parcels up to 5 Kg B-Post - 9.50 CHF
Parcels up to 10 Kg B-Post - 12.50 CHF
Parcels from 20 Kg B-Post - 27.50 CHF

Why you better buy in swiss store:
1. you do not pay high transfer costs abroad.
2. shorter delivery times.
3. traceable shipping routes: directly from us to you - not via other branches abroad.
4. cost control: there are no additional hidden costs such as customs clearance fees and VAT, which you only notice when you receive the item.
5. risk reduction: defective goods will be replaced immediately. In addition, you will receive a 2-year warranty.  

Tariffs abroad:

You do not pay Swiss sales tax with us.
Swiss sales tax will be deducted from prroduct price once you have selected the shipping country.
Please note that when shipping from Switzerland to the EU ijn your country may incur additional customs duties.
Please check with your customs office before purchasing.
For unclaimed packages outside Switzerland we will refund the purchase price without postage.

Tariff zone 1 Germany
Additional countries:AD,AT,BE,FR,VA,IT,LU,MC,NL

The shipment is always registered (i.e. insured).
Tariff table for zone 1 up to 30 kg ECO
Weight until:Price:
100g10 CHF
250g15 CHF
500g20 CHF
1 Kg26 CHF
1.5 Kg31 CHF
2 Kg36 CHF
5 Kg42 CHF
10 Kg46 CHF
15 Kg51 CHF
20 Kg56 CHF
25 Kg61 CHF
30 Kg66 CHF



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