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Kendox Row Shaper Hydraulic Rowing Device

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Product no.: 3064
GTIN/EAN: 9010041020418
Manufacturer: Mediashop
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This Product was added to our catalogue on 01/01/2023.
179.00 CHF
8.1 % VAT incl.

You dream of a perfectly sculpted toned body, a tight butt and strong shoulders?
There is a sport that has been proven to combine the perfect endurance workout with the ideal full-body muscle workout, leading you to your dream body with just ONE continuous movement. - The most effective sport in the world, rowing!

Get the most effective sport in the world at a fraction of the cost right to your home, the unique, patented and revolutionary KENDOX RowShaper!

The secret of the revolutionary RowShapers rowing machine lies in the specially designed mono-paddle in combination with the ingenious hydro-resistor. This unique hydraulic cylinder offers a whole 12 intensity levels and in combination with the 3 inclination angles even up to 36 different training intensities! This makes the rower suitable for every fitness level from beginner to pro! - THAT makes the RowShaper even more versatile than rowing itself. Whether you want to bring movement or light conditioning training into your everyday life or want to get your body in shape.

With the RowShaper rower, you'll work out 80% of all your muscles at the same time, as well as your endurance. You'll get your body in shape with ease! All this in just ONE fluid, continuous movement that is easy on your joints!

With only 20 minutes of daily training on the KENDOX RowShaper, you will fulfill your desire of your dream body and your personal best shape in no time. - No other workout combines all this and is more effective!

The entire calf and leg muscles, the gluteal muscles, the upper, middle and lateral abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, trapezius muscle and the complete back. This makes the RowShaper an absolute fat burning machine that will help you get the attractive dream body you've always wanted in no time.

The ergonomically shaped, ball-bearing roller seat in conjunction with the non-slip pedals including practical comfort lock provides a secure grip and high comfort throughout the workout. The extremely sturdy steel construction with aluminum slide rail can withstand up to 120 kg and is still light enough to work out with anywhere. The rower is easy to fold and store after a workout. - The integrated training computer with LCD display also records your rowing strokes, time and calories burned, so they always keep track throughout the workout!

Row full speed ahead to your new personal best!

Product information:
Dimension: L 1.56m x W 43cm x H 48cm assembled
Usable up to 120kg

Your advantages:
Trains the entire body with innovative hydraulic technology
Intuitive motion sequence ensures simple, fast and always optimal training
Trains efficiently: muscle building and fat burning - the ideal combination of simultaneous cardio and strength training
Mono paddle for easy and correct training execution - perfect for beginners and professionals
36 workout intensities: customizable workout thanks to 12-step mechanism and 3 incline angles
Additional training attachment for the extra power strength workout
Strengthens legs, back, arms and abdomen
Integrated workout computer with LCD display measures time, repetitions, calories burned and frequency
Ergonomically shaped, ball bearing roller seat for optimal training comfort
Secure grip thanks to non-slip pedals and comfort lock

Sie erhalten:
1 x Kendox Row Shaper
1 x Trainingscomputer
1 x Trainingsplan
1 x Ernährungsplan

2 Jahre Garantie

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