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Hammersmith Bionic Burner weed burner

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Product no.: 3068
GTIN/EAN: 9010041027011
Manufacturer: Mediashop
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This Product was added to our catalogue on 18/03/2021.
28.90 CHF
7.7 % VAT incl.

The Hammersmith Bionic Burner weed killer is the environmentally friendly, safe and durable solution to pesky weeds!

The secret of Hammersmith Bionic Burner is that the 650°C hot air jet abruptly heats the unwanted plant to the roots, destroying the cell structure of weed plants. Even if the leaves on the surface remain green for the time being, the weeds die within a few hours - and can simply be swept away afterwards.
Due to the innovative cone nozzle, the Hammersmith Bionic Burner weed killer aims the 650° hot air jet precisely at the most sensitive part of the plant and destroys it. Perfect for easy, spot & long term weed killing. For easy handling during work, the unique guide wheels help you. These always keep the Bionic Burner at the ideal distance from the ground - so you can easily cope with larger areas without your arms getting heavy. In addition, the fold-out stand helps the device to cool down safely.

The weed eater has an enormously short heating time of less than 1 minute and is equipped with powerful 2,000 watts - so you say every weed the fight. Furthermore, you can remove weeds completely without gas cartridge and free of chemicals, protecting yourself, your pets and your environment.

You can also use Hammersmith Bionic Burner as a barbecue & fireplace lighter, to remove snow and dangerous black ice on stairs and sidewalks, and to remove paint and varnish. This makes your Hammersmith Bionic Burner a practical year-round tool!

Your advantages:
650°C hot air jet effectively & permanently destroys any weeds
. Unique mode of operation - hot air jet destroys the cell structure of weeds
. Cone nozzle for easy, selective & long-term destruction of weeds
Enormously short heating time of less than 1 minute
Without gas cartridge and free of chemicals
Powerful 2,000 watts
Handle removable and can be used as a hand tool
Comfortable handling thanks to unique guide wheels
Integrated cable clamp and guide for greater safety
Fold-out stand for safe cooling of the device
Can also be used as a grill & fireplace lighter and for removing paint and varnish

Product information:
Dimensions: 50 x 12.5 x 9 cm
Mains voltage: 230V+ 50Hz
Rated power: 2000W
Air flow: 500l/min
Temperature level 1 (fan/cool down): 60°C
Temperature level 2: 650°C

You will receive:
1x Hammersmith Bionic Burner
1x Guide wheels
1x cone nozzle
1x crevice nozzle FREE

2 year warranty

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