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WC-Wonder Brush

WC-Wonder BrushWC-Wonder BrushWC-Wonder BrushWC-Wonder BrushWC-Wonder Brush
Shipping time:3-4 Days
Product No.: 2274

WC toilet brush miracle of the newest generation !

The toilet miracle - the first bristle -less toilet brush, which is no longer dripping and clinging no more dirt ! Awarded a silver medal for excellence !

Now it's over with stubborn stains in your toilet !

The toilet works wonders even in areas in which have long since reached their performance limits of normal toilet brush .

Agile , agile, adaptable cleans the WcWunder , even deep under the toilet rim and in the area of the drain - the handle and the cleaning pad !

The absence of the traditional bristles causes the toilet miracle does not allow any more ingrained dirt .

The surface of the cleaning pad repels water consistently , so that the well-known story is dripping .

WC won wonder at the IETA 2012 in Germany the Silbermedaile and at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in 2013 the gold medal.

Your advantages:

+ + Hygienic
+ + Does not drip
+ + No accumulation of dirt
+ + Quality MADE IN GERMANY!
+ + An award-winning invention

You will receive :
1 x toilet wonders toilet brush

instead 39.00 CHF
only from 29.95 CHF



This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 23. January 2014.

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