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Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.

Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.
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Product No.: 2566

Nicer Dicer Fusion, Set 13tlg.

Prepare a delicious, healthy and appealing dish requires a lot of preparation work.
Many ingredients in appealing to cut cubes or pins, uniform strips, quarters, eighths or clean windows is very troublesome. This not only costs time, you need countless kitchen gadgets such as knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc. These require a lot of storage space in the kitchen and also they have not always at hand.
Not anymore: The Nicer Dicer Fusion and the ingenious Nicer Slicer you have everything in one - simple, practical and space-saving is not really!
The Nicer Dicer fusion and Nicer Slicer are awesome for the preparation of appetizers, entrees, desserts and much more - Completely without electricity!
The Nicer Dicer Fusion and the Nicer Slicer is the preparation for the purest breeze and really fun!
Cutting-cover (cutting-shell / cutting-bottom): Easy Lift function: Automatic opening mechanism, 3-stage adjustable for individual cutting-Comfort Small and big pencils grid and a cutting stamp for perfect results with every blade insert self-cleaning function! the pins grid - Convenient for residue-free cleaning!
Knife inserts: XXL-blade inserts with a continuous cutting surface for fast cutting large food knife inserts with 2 different cutting surfaces for simultaneous cutting of different foods Effortless sharing and space-saving storage of different knife inserts blades made extremely sharp tempered steel in G-Nox-quality Numerous cutting!! Variations: small, medium and large cubes and pins, quarter and eighth!
Collecting container with Frischhaltedeckel: Large collection container (capacity 2.5 liters) for direct cut into it - clean operation is gewährleistet.Dank of practical cling cover the food can save space kept (stackable), kept fresh and be transported safely. Of course you can also be served directly in the container - prepare now, use later Non-slip feet on the bottom guarantee a safe position on the working surface!
. Nicer Slicer including blade protection: Adjustable feeder for thin to thick slices (1 mm to 6 mm thickness) - as desired stainless steel V-blade made of durable stainless steel G-NOX quality for perfect cuts - every time blade guard to protect! against injury and damage! Thanks to 18 withdrawable julienne blades (1 mm to 6 mm thickness) can play just perfect julienne strips in any thickness are cut! Hobelt to crush large amounts even the most sensitive foods quickly and drive your dream, no!
Freehand cutting material: The product holder enables an easy planing until the last remaining without danger to fingers or fingernails.
HandyShopper: By HandyShopper even larger amounts of very small foods can be cut easily clean!

You receive:
1 x cutting-shell
1 x cutting-base
1 x Knife application no. 2 (6 x 6 mm / 12 x 12 mm)
1 x grid small pins
1 x XXL-blade insert Nr. 4 (24 x 24 mm)
1 x pins grid size
1 x blade insert No. 3 (quarter and eighth)
1 x cutting stamp
1 x collector (capacity: 2.5 l)
1 x Frischhaltedeckel
incl. Recipe booklet

FREE You will receive:
1 x Nicer Slicer incl. Blade guard
1 x freehand product holder
1 x HandyShopper
2 years warranty

instead 79.90 CHF
only 69.95 CHF

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 01. April 2015.

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