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AirVitaSwiss fresh air

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Product no.: 2250
Manufacturer: KTel
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This Product was added to our catalogue on 02/10/2012.
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In this Version:

AirVitaSwiss fresh air from all-natural flavors

FRAGRANCES TO FEEL - for private use, at work or as a gift for employees, clients, friends and acquaintances.

You can choose between the following six fragrances:

"Vanilla" has a flowery sweet vanilla note and reduces stress and harmonizing. Try it.

"Fresh" has a fresh citrus note and acts mentally stimulating, refreshing and revitalizing.

"Vital" is a dynamic, woody note and an activating effect, strengthening and revitalizing.

"Relax" has a subtle, slightly floral note and is relaxing, regenerating and resolves concerns or fears.

"Passion" has a dark oriental touch and has aphrodisiac, stimulating and invigorating.

"Harmony" has an oriental touch and has a harmonizing, balancing and invigorating. The right for office and meeting room.

You get:
1 AirVitaSwiss fragrance can 100% natural!

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